Done with the rat race and want more out of life?

I help you to reinvent happiness and create a fulfilled, purposeful life by moving past stress, anxiety and making sense of your thoughts. 


Right now, you may be:


  • Feeling exhausted and you oftentimes feel like crying, but you’re holding it all in or hiding it. You don’t want to come across as weak, unprofessional or incapable, because you are a strong professional woman.
  • You feel a lack of emotional support from your inner circle. They either don’t understand, or they are not able or willing to be emotionally vulnerable with you.
  • This frustrates you and it doesn't help you feel better. This also makes you feel isolated and on your own.
  • You feel resistance towards the things you are doing right now. You are also starting to doubt yourself and your capabilities, because you feel so emotional all the time.
  • You struggle to get everything done. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to do things right and feel frustrated when you ‘fail’.
  • When things don’t go the way you want you get frustrated and snappy at your loved ones and then feel guilty and confused as you know it’s not you.
  • You find it hard to ask for help.

My 3-month ReHaB programme is all about

Unlearning, undoing and unbecoming.

The method I’m using in this programme is based on 5 pillars aimed at unlearning bad habits, conditioned behaviour and negative self-talk.
This means: unbecoming the person you think are and undoing the things you’ve learned throughout your life that aren’t working for you anymore.

The programme will help you to:

  • Identify what’s not working for you in your life and what’s causing you stress and anxiety, so you won’t fall back into the same situations.
  • Manage stress and anxiety and feel relaxed and calm again
  • Learn how to communicate effectively about your wants and needs so that you’re able to get them met.
  • Prioritise your own needs, so you can live a happier and fulfilled life, without feeling like you neglect others.

"I found it difficult to express my needs"

"I found it difficult to find the words to express my needs with family and it was especially difficult to establish boundaries. Identifying the root of the problem, discussing strategies, and even considering pushback helped me to approach things in a new manner. I am now able to have those moments with friends and family and give my all to my business without giving up my self care."

- Nicole McC.

working with client


This 3-month program is for you if you're a:

  • Professionals and business people who are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and challenged by self-doubt, a lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or feeling not good enough. 
  • Busy mums who are spinning all the plates and is trying to find a balance of being a good mum, a supporting, loving partner, friend and daughter and at the same time finding time and space for your own wants and needs.



This is NOT for you if:

    • You expect a quick fix from this program. Personal development and working on new, healthier habits in your life is ongoing work. 
    • You expect the coach to do all the work for you.
    • You are not open to constructive feedback.

Life's too short: put an end to stress and overthinking

The 5 pillars of the programme are focused on getting you the following results:

  1. Resetting your mindset
    Change your limiting beliefs, reset your negative thoughts and reduce the behaviour that is not serving you.
  2. Getting to the core
    Identify what’s important in your life, looking forward. What are your core values, aligned with the person you want to be.
  3. Mind, body & soul aligned
    Learn about the importance of meditation and affirmations and how it will lead to reducing stress and overthinking.
  4. Play time; get your creative juice flowing
    Stepping out of your thoughts and into your imagination.
    Visualise the life you want using various tools.
  5. Effective Communication
    Learn to use communication strategies that come in handy when you need to set boundaries with people.

"I started seeing more transformations occur"

"When I started working with Rachelle, I expected her to help me transform, but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Rachelle was able to tap right into the very thing that was blocking me. With every session that went by, I started seeing more transformations occur in both my personal and professional life.  Rachelle pin pointed the areas in my personal life I didn’t know I needed to address in order to open up the portal to allow things to flow in my professional life. She challenged me to approach things differently in ways I never thought would work.  But they did."  

- Lisa S.


Here's what you'll get if you join the programme

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  • 8 calls of 60 min every week.
  • Weekly support via email.
  • 2 emergency call of 15 minutes
  • If you want some feedback on the things you’re working on, you can send me an email.
  • Every 2 weeks I will give you a theme for you to work on.
  • Templates and tools for you to use during the program (workbook etc.).

Ready for this?